CHRISTMAS the season to GIFT

Not only is the birth of baby Jesus celebrated in such a special Holiday, but also Christmas is the time for giving away our blessings. 

Every living creature is not as lucky as us which is why Crystal Leigh Calderoni, Yo <3 Animalitos SMA and Escuchemos el Eco de su Voz  foundations are throwing a benefit dinner to help those who can not express it in voices.

Our four legged shelter friends will get to live another year thanks to these fundraising. For only $750 pesos you will get to enjoy an Italian menu consisting of  House Salada, Spaghetti, Al Pesto / Alfredo / Blognese, Tiramisú and a glass of house wine or beer and Limoncello. 


Winter can be hard on the stray dogs and they will need warm blankets and vinyl cage coverings to protect themselves against the chilly weather. Please everyone support this amazing cause at Giardano Toscano in Cuesta de Loreto and help your New Year begin with an act of kindness with a quest of salvation.

It is important to remember that most strays that end up abandoned are destined to a cruel death which is why the Animalitos SMA takes them in in hopes for them being spared with their lives and finding a foster family that is willing to adopt them. 

Have mercy and may you have the Brightest and Kindest of Christmas while eating delicious food and saving puppies in the process. 

Another cause to bring out your inner Santa is the “Holiday Toy Drive” where you help bring joy to kids in need by bringing them toys or if you want cash donations.  Smiles will be unwrapped and magical moments will be delivered at Correo #22 collected from November to December of this year for the San Marcos de Begoña community. 

As we are all well aware, Hurricane Otis left devastation in all of our beloved Acapulcho which is why there is an initiative to play “Reyes Magos” role and bring a toy to kids ages 1-12 from $100-$5000. Your gifts will be awaited at Centro de Convenciones La Casona from monday to friday.

A different initiative is the one for Bar MUI to fulfill Christmas wishes for our children in San Miguel who are in orphanages. Kids have already written their letters and apparently robots are a strong pull towards their imagination. You can also Grant a Wish by writing to





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