LOCAL CONNECT #1 a Sonic Butterfly by ANDREA BROOK

2012 was a year that would forever change Andrea Brook’s performance when she witnessed on Día de Los Muertos a flock of monarchs flying around San Miguel de Allende in order to complete their journey.

This extraordinary journey of transformation inspired Andrea and her team to create a sonic butterfly; a performance that gives the impression to the audience of a flying butterfly that dances through movement and rhythm and that transports itself towards an onyric space. 


To fulfill one’s purpose as butterflies do, became a central concept to Andrea’s new concept which was at the same time enhanced with really long strings directly connected to La Parroquia giving the impression to the audience of being inside a cello and breaking the record as one of the biggest chord instruments in the world! 

To unite San Miguel under the huge strings of the instrument was really special for her and was a trip that was guided through the energy of the people that ended up exclaiming with joy and deep intimacy the experience of the sonic butterfly.

For Andrea, it is the heart of the people of San Miguel, the one that brings presence and joy to the event and the ones that keep it loyal to its origins and friendly to an all audiences performance.

Another inspiration for the butterfly-centered piece, was one poem by Rumi that sort of invited people to let go of their beliefs and to become free in their desires the same way a butterfly does.

For the 8 hours that the installation takes to be built, each second is enjoyable and worth watching as part of the process and the stimulates in the sound department, art, music and spiritual experience. 


The feeling of being “Inside” an instrument it’s so special it leaves an open door for the spirit of inspiration to know at our doors.

Andrea and lots of locals know that the sonic butterfly is not just a fashion that is happening right now, but also part of the future for performances in Mexico and San Miguel de Allende.





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